Eradicating starvation here in Tanzania and around the world is a mammoth task but we feel that our project Climbing For A Brighter Future will be part of a solution for the many thousands of orphans and street children there are in Arusha and surrounding towns and villages  For every person taking on this climb to assist in feeding the orphans and street children. Best Guides Adventures & Aid into Africa UK will donate $100 that will be turned into food for the less fortunate children of Tanzania.

Hunger And Poverty Facts From The World Bank

1.02 billion people are hungry.

Every day, almost 16,000 children die from
hunger-related causes.
That's one child every five seconds.

Did you know?
In 2008, nearly 9 million children died before they reached their fifth birthday. One third of these deaths are due directly or indirectly to hunger and malnutrition.

There were 1.4 billion people in extreme poverty in 2005. The World Bank estimates that the spike in global food prices in 2008, followed by the global economic recession in 2009 and 2010 has pushed between 100-150 million people into poverty.